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Lähteet Systole 6/2009

Ainutlaatuinen suomalaistutkimus
Finnresusci selvitää sydänpysähdyspotilaan hoitoketjun
Teksti Pamela Hiltunen

1. Cummins RO, Chamberlain D, Abramson NS ym. Recommended guidelines for uniform reporting of data from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: the Utstein style. A statement for health care professionals from a task force of the American Heart Association, the European Resuscitation Council, the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, and the Australian Resuscitation Council. Circulation 1991;84:960-75
2. Herlitz J, Engdahl J, Svensson L, Young M, Angquist KA, Holmberg S. A short delay from out of hospital cardiac arrest to call for ambulance increases survival. Eur Heart J 2003  Oct;24(19): 1750-1755.
3. Kuisma M, Maatta T. Out-of-hospital cardiac arrests in Helsinki: Utstein style reporting. Heart. 1996 Jul;76(1):18-23.

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